Wednesday, November 08, 2006 - is now online.

With the growth and popularity of our Plan for Victory comes the need to expand our capacities for administering to the surging numbers of people now sending pledges and looking for results. To that end we are about to launch, where people can "pledge" on line. Our concern with online pledging has been the ability to maintain the integrity of every pledge and keep people from pledging more than once. That issue is being addressed now and the website is due to be up immediately following the election.

Please do check in on the site and of course spread the word. While Nancy Pelosi keeps saying that the people have spoken, she really doesn't want to hear what we said. We did not say "work in a bi-partisan manner" with this president. We said get rid of him and everything he represents. For a more complete position on what the election results mean to America go to the website and read the article "Dems take House - Now what?"

Thank you for joining us in our quest to restore the nation formerly known as "the good old USA."

Anthony St. Martin