Sunday, October 15, 2006

Plan for Victory experiences tremendous growth.

By Anthony St. Martin

The Plan for Victory movement has officially mobilized with a string of stirring successes and entered the first phase of the strategy to successfully impeach George Bush and other members of his administration. Following the first rally on September 8, where every eligible attendee(30) signed a pledge, I accepted invitations to speak at Camp Democracy and later at the rally in Minneapolis. Between the two events nearly 500 pledges were collected. If I'd had a team of pledge collectors the numbers would have been much higher.

(Video of presentation of The Plan to an estimated crowd of 1000 in Minneapolis can be viewed at

In only the first month, pledges have been signed by people from thirteen states; mostly Democrats, with many Green Party, and a spattering of Republicans. The best description of the support I found during these travels is "overwhelming." It is like offering fresh air to coal miners. Everyone wants it - real bad.

In Washington D.C. the man at Kinko's, where I made copies of the Pledge, wanted a pledge. The woman behind the sandwich counter wanted one and more to put on the countertop. A man I borrowed a quarter from for the parking meter emphatically endorsed impeachment. Everyone I spoke to wanted this "insane" president gone. And this was three blocks from the White House!

I am happy to report a close association now formed with and must express our sincere gratitude for their invitation to speak at their rally and for providing the video. Mikael, Larkin, Jodin, and the rest of their crew are honest, selfless, and dedicated defenders of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and a reminder of the tremendous spirit of America.

I urge everyone signing a pledge here to also go to the website and send in a memorial asking for impeachment. This will help to prepare John Conyers for our arrival with the pledges and our requirement that he and others introduce a bill calling, not for investigations, but for impeachment. We do not need investigations when the entire world is filled with eye witnesses to the crimes committed under George Bush's authority. Only by calling for impeachment by name, will the issue claim immediate priviledge and must be heard on the spot. I promise you, that when we get rolling the time for games and deflective antics will be over.


Our plan is to introduce the bill in February, at the convening of the new Congress. Not a day later. If the Democratic Party wins the majority we will be there to ensure that they introduce the bill and begin impeachment proceedings. If they fail we will be there to provide the back-up plan and force the entire Congress to act in accordance with the will of what is certainly the majority of Americans.


We have also formed alliances with, and most recently with Dan DeWalt of the Newfane, Vermont town resolution for impeachment fame. Dan has invited me to come to Vermont where he says "he doesn't know of anyone who won't sign a pledge." You can bet I will be going, because we firmly believe that the key to our success is joining with other persons and groups in the pursuit of our common objective.

Two warmhearted ladies in Minneapolis, Delia Jurek and Deborah have formed the Minneapolis branch of the Pledge to Impeach Campaign. We wish them well and express our gratitude for their contributions.

We will soon have a new WEBSITE where citizens can sign a pledge on-line. Also, our first NEWSLETTER has been sent, with the second one going out soon to everyone.

Very significant is the addition of THREE STAFFERS to our campaign, with two more persons to possibly join soon. As the campaign's demands continue to grow so does the help we are attracting. Once the website is operational we will be able to begin our media outreach to spread the word far and wide of our no-more games strategy. We will also extend our efforts to build more alliances with other like-minded groups.

NAME CHANGE: The Plan for Victory remains the name of our strategy, but our public moniker will now be Pledge to Impeach. We feel this more quickly conveys our intent and what we are offering the public.

FINAL WORDS: In the end, we are working to provide an opportunity for Americans to remove those persons from office who have abused their authority over us. Success will depend on each individual's choice to participate and succeed, or sit on their hands and lose the greatest democracy the word has ever known. If our people do not respond we can no longer blame Congress, for we will share the blame for the future. But I believe they will respond.
In fact, I believe the people's response will continue to intensify as our strategy moves forward. As I told the good people of Minneapolis, it is not fear that now confounds us, but doubt. But with every success we breed more confidence, and we will continue to build that confidence into a certainty, until not a trace of doubt remains. And with every step taken by this government to dissuade or obstruct our will, more Americans will be prodded into action. Like a chinese finger trap, the more they struggle the more pressure will result until they cannot escape.
Right now collecting pledges is the most important work. If you have not yet pledged your support, please read the description of The Plan and if you agree that this is a doable and Consititutional action then sign The Pledge and mail it in. If you have already pledged, be sure that you spread the word to others to do the same. It is this exponential growth that will deliver the critical mass of support needed to assure the cooperation of one or more Congresspersons to introduce the bill to impeach the President and others.
Our destiny as a nation is still in our hands, but that could soon change. Given the erosion of habeous corpus and other civil protections, one day we could easily lose the right to assemble - for national security reasons. I know it is difficult for Americans to imagine a reshaped system dominating our daily lives, making people afraid to speak their minds in public with no right to privacy or habeous corpus, and constantly subjected to overbearing security forces. Except aren't we already there?
The nightmare of totalitarian rule can happen here if we do not reassert our system wherein authority emanates from the willingness of the people to be governed and not from the government. Thomas Paine once commented that "failed petitions only serve to encourage tyrants." Every day that we fail to stop those who are forwarding this destructive agenda serves to encourage them to take more and more power. Whatever you have done to assist impeachment, please do more. Because once our freedom is gone, like lost wages in Vegas, it is very difficult to win back.

Many thanks,
Anthony St. Martin