Monday, September 11, 2006

First "Plan for Victory" Impeachment Rally is stirring success! Get on Board!

As people arrived and began to mill about the auditorium of the State Office Building in Van Nuys, CA., the band, Blue Overtones, took to the stage. Soon a single voice, Tapia Martinez-Russ, sang sweetly in acapella, "People get ready, there's a train a'comin'," then gradually the guitars blended in, one at a time, until the trio was complete. "Picking up passengers from coast to coast." The mood was set for what would become a unanimous joining of energy and commitment to impeach the most criminal administration in US History.

Of the thirty-one attendees to the first ever Plan for Victory Rally, twenty-nine persons signed a pledge to support the bill to impeach in accordance with The Plan's strategy to deliver serious consequences for any Congressional killing of the bill. As the bucket was passed and one pledge after another was dropped in, a solemn realization crossed the faces of the participants. People were signing up. The Plan's strategy to mobilize was viable and the movement to successfully impeach the Bush regime had officially launched right before their eyes - and they were part of it. Of the only two hold-outs, one promised to sign afterwards and the other was an enthusiastic but ineligible French visitor. The vote of confidence in the Plan as well as themselves was unanimous! It was truly a thrilling experience for all.

Earlier in the program, the rally was addressed by current Green Party Congressional Candidate, Byron DeLear, former Democratic Congressional Candidate Bob McCloskey, current Green Party California Assembly Candidate Ricardo Costa, Green Party Neighborhood Council Member Eugene Hernandez, and Katrina/Bush/FEMA disaster survivor, Democrat Freddie Monroe of New Orleans. Each speaker focused on a specific cause for impeaching our President, and the case grew with every word from Paul Lindblad, Green Party County Council Member, who read the Conyers Articles of Impeachment, reminding the assembly of the administration's acts of deception, manipulation, and offences against the Constitution.

But every serious movement needs to keep its sense of humor. Kudos to the for volunteering the services of The Bush Chain Gang, depicting George Bush, Condi Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld in prison stripes and chains. The mute gang appeared on cue, following the reading of the morbid articles, and was gleefully paraded before the assembly by their heralding Prison Guard, who told the tale of how these people had been "tried and found guilty of crimes against the Constitution and sentenced to travel the country as a warning to anyone who might plot to usurp power over the American people." The huge papier-mache' heads were stunning in their likeness and hysterical in their helplessness, but they were "not allowed to speak, for it shall surely be a lie." The tearing away of the invincibility of these personages gave rise to a newfound confidence in the prospect of prevailing over the real characters. It was a confidence that would brighten every face. Indeed, after the rally several people were heard saying they experienced a giddy feeling when signing their pledge. That there was a sense that they were doing something direct and meaningful in opposing this government.

But, the first rally is behind us now. The path to Victory is clear. The work ahead is fundamental. We must spread word of The Plan that promises to succeed in removing the present administration and collect the seed pledges of support for the bill to impeach.

Currently, the Fifth Branch founder Anthony St. Martin (author of The Plan for Victory) is scheduled to present The Plan at Camp Democracy on September 17th. Mr. St. Martin will inform attendees from across the nation of the burgeoning movement and encourage them to organize pledge collecting rallies in their own communities. The Plan can be downloaded and disseminated by local organizers and the pledges mailed to the P.O. Box. Or, if need be, Mr. St. Martin will attend any meeting in any town in the US to present The Plan and answer questions or address the concerns of Americans before they sign their own pledge. Once a sufficient number of pledges are collected the process of drafting the Congressperson to introduce the bill to impeach will commence.

In a parallel development, Mr. Nativo Lopez, who has recently unified over 400 organizations nationally, has vocally endorsed The Plan for Victory as a means to gaining legitmate leadership and a fair immigration policy. With Mr. Lopez's support, The Plan will have immediate access to millions of likely pledges. As our numbers grow so will the American People's confidence in our Plan for success. That growing confidence will, in turn, lead to the greater numbers we will need to prevail.

We all know the crimes, now we have the mechanism to enforce the law with the energy of our own rightful will to remain free from oppressive and self-interested leadership. Join the movement. Read the plan. Sign a pledge.

Alone we are helpless. Together we are America.

A rally attendee was inspired to send out this email blast upon returning home:

-- ESPECIALLY see this site!! New (excellent) Plan for Citizen / & / Congressional Impeachment!! A simple commitment -- I attended meeting last night -- everyone there committed! -- see site for details!! This was just the FIRST meeting!! Help the Movement get to rolling!! SEND THIS SITE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS/CONNECTIONS -- and encourage them to COMMIT!!