Friday, April 15, 2005


Mr. St. Martin gave an effective presentation of the Fifth Branch Plan to Impeach President Bush and Members of the Administration to members of Democrats for Change in Van Nuys.
During the presentation, Mr. St.Martin described the Plan's step by step process through which Articles of Impeachment, drafted by a panel chaired by Representative John Conyers, will be introduced in Congress and receive a full and fair hearing. He also pointed out the neo-con record being established by current democratic Congressman of the 28th District, Howard Berman, suggesting that Mr. Berman be the target of the first leg of the plan, i.e. to defeat Mr. Berman and his voting record for support of the Bush foreign policy, thereby replacing him with a loyal Democrat sworn to introduce the articles of impeachment against the administration.
While response was somewhat mixed, the great majority of those in attendence appeared to support the conviction of the plan and to take courage in voicing their own dissatisfaction, not only with Mr. Berman, but also with the lack of action by any Democratic representative in Washington. Several members of the audience expressed the need for an awakening of a complacent Democratic party in defiance of the agenda sweeping the national political stage. "Congress has become a rubber stamp for anything these neo-cons want to do." ("neo-con" former liberal democrats who, over the last ten to fifteen years, have changed their spots to support an aggressive, conservative foreign policy aimed at the developement of an American dominated global order.)
While one man appeared upset by the presentation and left the building, group liason, Helen Hartman, offered to request that Mr. St.Martin be invited to speak to DPSFV regarding the plan.
Several members remained after the meeting to express their own grave misgivings about the direction of the nation and the need to do something to oppose it. Democrats for Change President, Wayne Fisher invited Mr. St. Martin to write an article for the group's newsletter describing the plan and campaign, stating "you are going to stir up some activity with this."